Masterbatch PE / PP

Wide variety of master batches for Woven sacks, Blow & Injection moulding, Roto moulding, Multi & Mono layer blown film, Sheet & profile extrusion, Thermoforming, BOPP, HDPE pipes etc.

White Masterbatch

In all the varieties of master batches used in plastic applications, white master batch is the one which is most used. It provides whiteness, brightness and opacity to the final product. A variety of chemicals such as Titanium Dioxide are used to provide these properties in plastics. Some of the main reasons for using the Titanium Dioxide is for its special properties such as average particle size (.19 to 0.22 micron), high refractive index etc.

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Black Masterbatch

We, at Deon Company, have developed different grades of black master batches, which are based on end user requirements such as jetness, protection from UV, conductivity etc. Carbon black is mostly used in the industry as a black pigment due to its coloring ability, cost effectiveness and superior end result. In carbon black the surface area is inversely proportional to particle size, which means lower the particle size, greater will be the surface area.

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Colour Masterbatch

Our collection of color master batches is available in different varieties of about 1000 different shades to meet different industrial requirements. We have state-of-the-art facilities in our colour matching laboratory, which enables us to develop colors as per the choice of our customers.

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Additive Masterbatch

Deon Company has created a huge name and respect for its range of superior quality additive master batches. Our range of additive master batches include optical brightener master batches, UV master batches, antiblock master batches, antioxidant master batches, silicone master batches, slip master batches, polymer processing aid master batches.

Mono Color Masterbatch

Single pigment concentrates (monomasters) contain very high concentration of a single pigment (usually 50-70% inorganic pigments and 30-40% organic pigments & Dyes). Two or more of them are combined by masterbatch producers or synthetic yarn manufacturers to produce tailor-made shades.

Speciality Color Masterbatch